Furry Paws Supply Pet Odor Eliminator – Deodorize Your Pets Bed & Eliminate All Those Smelly Odors – Fits All Pet Beds – No Need for Sprays – 100% Recyclable

  • PET ODOR ELIMINATING disc – Simply place the disc inside your pet’s bed, it will begin to absord all those unpleasant odors leaving you to enjoy a fresh and clean smelling dog bed for 30 days.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE disc – simply toss it into your recycle bin after 30 days.
  • FRESHENS ROOM TOO! –  Not only is this disc an eliminator of odors for your pets bed it will also filter and remove pet smells from the room.
  • VERSATILE & SIMPLE design – will be a perfect fit for any size or design of pet bed.
  • PET & CHILD FRIENDLY – This is not a spray and we do not use any harsh chemicals or smells.


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Why Use Furry Paws Pet Bed Deodorizer?

The perfect way to remove pet odors from your pet’s bed

Introducing a simple, recyclable disc that slips into any size or design of pet bed, removing the need for messy sprays! Simply put the disc in your pet’s bed and it will continue to keep it smelling clean and fresh for 30 days, removing the need to spray it multiple times per week.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s no reason for you and your loved ones to put up with stinky pet beds any longer.

Order yours today and we’ll get it shipped out and on it’s way to you right away!